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Provider Solutions & Development supports and serves physicians and advanced practice clinicians with heart, from residency to retirement, so you can do the same for your patients. With exclusive access to hundreds of positions across the nation, Provider Solutions & Development offers holistic, personal career coaching that puts your needs first. 

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IHI creates dynamic opportunities for health care professionals to learn from, collaborate with, and be inspired by expert faculty and colleagues throughout the world. Their professional development programs — including conferences, seminars, and audio and web-based programs — inform every level of the workforce, from executive leaders to point-of-care staff. 


CareCentrix is a single platform that connects the last mile of care for healthcare organizations to improve outcomes, lower total cost of care, deliver member and provider satisfaction, enhance Stars and HEDIS© measures, and guarantee savings.


Digital Diagnostics Inc. is a pioneering AI diagnostics company on a mission to benefit patients by transforming the accessibility, affordability, equity, and quality of global healthcare through the application of technology in the medical diagnosis and treatment process.


Medmastery serves as a premier clinical skills academy, dedicated to offering world-class education to clinicians globally. Our mission centers on empowering clinicians to reach their highest potential by imparting essential clinical skills vital for daily medical practice. Boasting a faculty of expert teachers, we specialize in creating video learning experiences that are not only engaging and interactive but also enjoyable.

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